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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Thief Lord; 33,34 ; Hornet Got Caught By The Cops!

Hey Doods,
     In this post I will tell you two things. One, the Chapters 33 and 34. Two, at the end of this post I will tell you about my morning! So yeah! Let's begin!
     So Prosper,Ricco, and Mosca just got back to the theater. The door to the emergency door was unlocked!! When they went inside they looked on Hornet's bed and both Bo and Hornet were not there! There was a note. Someone at door, Maybe police, Meet you at emergency meeting spot. Prosper knew that there was only one person that could have ratted them out, and it was Victor. Prosper grabbed Victor's gun and went out the door to the emergency meeting spot (a statue of a guy with a lot of books behind him). Ricco,Prop,and Mosca were very tired and guess what? The worst thing happened. THEY WEREN'T THERE! And then it switches to Scipio's P.O.V. (point of view) and Scip just got home and he went inside and the police was there! And guess who they had. HORNET! When she passed Scip she whispered; "Bo's with his aunt." And that's where the chapters end.
     I really like this book so far! The reason I like these chapters are because it is a real surprise that Bo is with his aunt. I have one question though. Will Prosper ever see Bo again? I think that Bo would be devastated if that happened. And in the beginning of the book Bo and Prosper's aunt said that she only wanted Bo because he was cute. What a selfish person! If I were Bo I would just go and smash everything. I wouldn't care.
     Anyway about the second thing (I promised my mom that I would write this and this is all true if you were wondering) that is in this post is this. I woke up in the morning really early and I went to Denny's! I had pancakes and my mom had something which I forgot the name off but it was a sandwich. I ordered a Dr.Pepper and when I drank it my lips turned purple for some reason. I don't know why. Anyway that's what I did this morning.
     So I hoped that you liked the post and if you did then leave a comment and also click that follow button, all you have to do is copy paste the Url and go to your dashbord of blogger and click ADD and Ctrl V and there you go! Also do that at my friend's blogs as well I would really,really appreciate it and also there are 1,136 pageviews! I appreciate all the of those very much and Race For the Comments is still going (I'm not going to explain it this time if you want to know what it is then leave a comment saying so)! Peace Out!
     I like how Joey put the picture of the book, like the actual picture that was taken with a camera and I think that it is the movie cover but I don't know. I like the description that he had and also how he told the story. There's his link above!

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  1. Hi Zach, I think you did a great job describing in your summary. By the way, I'm going to be linking to your blog!