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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Thief Lord 22 to 25 (I Read Ahead a Little)

Hey Doods,
     I am going to type in this post what happens from where we left off, to chapter 25! So yeah there's not much left to type so, let's begin!
     So Hornet, Ricco, and Prosper went back to the hideout and talked to the prisoner (Victor) and Victor was fixing the radio that Mosca has! So they talked and then Victor said to go to this one address. So everyone went to the address and then Prosper knocked and then a maid came and Prosper asked the maid if someone named Scipio lived there and Prosper said that they wanted to play! So they went inside and there was a fountain and all sorts of rich-people stuff and the maid went upstairs. Down came..............Scipio! So after they found out they went back to the hideout and then it changes to Victors point of view! So all that was in there was Victor escaping. That's all!
     So these chapters were good chapters and I wanted to read more but I knew that my homework was more important than my wants so yeah! These are good chapters!
     So I hoped you liked this post and if you did and your knew to the blog, click that comment and that follow button, I would REALLY appretiat it very much and also check out my friend's blogs! Some of them are reading this book to and I hope that I can keep you guys updated and remember that Race for the comments is still going so it is where you comment what you see that's different to my blog and when, and who knows what I'll do! Maybe I'll add a blog to my blog list! Maybe change the description! Who know! So that is all for this post so Peace Out!


  1. Hi Zach, I think you did a great job on your summary. By the way, I'm going to be linking to your blog!

  2. I like that you have a big summary of your learning and the summary for the book. Why do you think that the chapters are really good?

    1. I like the chapters because they have, sort of a mystery in the chapters and that they always suck me into the story and I imagine that I'm in the persons shoes. That's why I like the chapters.

  3. Zach you really did a great job both your summary and thinking. Do you think that if I read these chapters would I feel the same way as you?