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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Peak Finished Moleskin One.

Dear Bloggers,
     In this post I will tell you about the end of moleskin one! At the moment I am reading Peak and this post I have done this ahead of time.  So Let's Begin!
     So Sun-Jo and Peak had finished the seromoney and they went to the mess tent (The Food Tent) and they also went to bed after. When Peak and everone was asleep, a giant snowstorm hit the comp and they tried to contact Josh (Peak's Dad) but it didn't work out so well. After the storm passed they dug out there tents. So they went to the  A.B.C. (Advanced Base Camp) and stayed there for a little while. Peak got a sore throat and he couldn't talk. I think that he lost his voice. Anyway a sort of big storm hit and he  went down back to the first base camp. Sun-Jo got sick and in the first tittle thing of moleskin two Peak,Josh,the camera crew, and everyone found out that Sun-Jo was Zopa's grandson!! It was sort of obvious but nobody new. It was a mystery! That concludes this post.
     I think that the ceremony was a good idea and that the camera crew shouldn't be there but maybe I am wrong. Anyway if you like this post and you are new to the blog leave a comment in the comment thing bellow and check out my friend's blog as well, I think that it is really cool and that you all like these and look forward to any post in the future! More stuff in the below thing too! Peace Out!

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  1. Hi Zach,
    I agree with you. I think the meeting was a good idea. By the way I'm going to be linking to your post.