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Friday, May 1, 2015

I've Moved


     I just wanted to say that I've moved blogs and that the other blogs are with my gmail and on occasion  I post things about other things and stuff like that. Here are the links, I will no longer be posting on this blog. Book, Gaming, Minecraft. I just want to say that the one I post on most would be the gaming blog. Anyway's, just wanted to give you the news and I'll see you guys in the next blog! Bye!!!!

                                                                                                   -Zach Out

P.S. I've updated this as of October 22,2015 I'm no longer posting but I have recently re-started posting on my gaming blog mainly so go head over there, this will be the last you hear from me on this blog. Anyway's, By Guys!

Monday, May 19, 2014

United States History

Hey Doods!

     This is a special post that has something new! Here it is!

Anyway's doods I just wanted to say that Raphael, Joey, and Nora did most of this timeline since I wasn't here on Friday so go check out their blogs. I'll put in links. Anyway's here's RaphaelJoey's, and Norah's blog.

U.S History on Dipity.

I just want to say now that I have to go. I hope we do something else like this soon! Also I might not be posting over the summer because I'm going to L.V. (Las Vegas) on May 31st so I might not be posting on this blog but I'll be posting on my other blogs which I'll put links to here and here. Book one first and other one second. I just want to say also that these blogs are on my gmail and I haven't been getting a lot of pageviews on them so I want to get some more pageveiws on those soon. Anyway's doods, I guess I'll see you over the summer! Bye.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Infinity Ring: A Mutiny In Time

Hey Doods,

     I have started a new series! Finally. Anyways, I'm going to give you a basic paragraph on how this book began and then I'm going to put a summary into this thing. So Infinity Ring begins with about two characters; Dak, and Sera. They are just two kids in a world that is falling apart, and then something big happens. Anyway's I'm going to do the summary below.

     Sera was having a remnant. Dak was reading a book and then Sera threw it when she went to his house. The next day they went to a museum and a earthquake took place there. Then the keys to Dak's parent's lab was left out and they found a device that could take you wherever (or whenever) you wanted to go. Then after Sera worked on it and the formulas were balanced it worked after the test run which took place after Dak's parents got home. Anyway's I'm going to leave you guys to find out the rest.

     Anyway's doods if you want more on this book then go to this site and play the game. I haven't played it myself yet but it looks awesome. Anyway's I've got some work to do and if you want more book stuff then go to my book blog then. Anyway's Bye Doods. My Book Blog is here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Minecraft: Redstone Handbook

Hey Doods,

   I have recently read the Minecraft: Redstone Handbook and it helped me to figure out redstone in Minecraft and how to make some cool stuff! Although I figured out something. This book is only for P.C. not XBOX or Pocket Edition. Anyway's I guess there's nothing left to say so I'm going to write the actual post.

     So the Minecraft: Redstone Handbook is very interesting. If you suck at doing redstone stuff and don't even mine the ore then if you read this book, you can make all sorts of stuff from automated light source to a fire arrow cannon. The fire arrow cannon shoots five arrows per-second if you set it up correctly. Anyway's this book also has some tips and tricks to do in Minecraft. If you mine redstone with a iron pickax (which is the tool you use to mine if you don't have a diamond pickax) you get usually four pieces of redstone dust. If you have fortune on your pickax then you'll get 7 or 8 pieces of redstone dust. Anyway's you can use the redstone to make all sorts of stuff. From redstone lamps to blocks of redstone. If you go here then you can see all of the crafting recapies and I think that it has some stuff on redstone too so you can go check that out if you want. Anyway's I'll say a few more things and then I'll stop writing this post. The book also has a section devoted to some youtubers that have made awesome redstone creations. One that I know of is Seth Bling. I'll put a channel link and I just want to say that I just know how to put in the links without going to the sites so I just wanted to say that so I don't get in trouble. Seth Bling made a machine in Minecraft that can make a huge picture. It is so big that you have to fly over the world with a map in your hand and then go back to the maching and look at the map. The one in the book was a picture of Notch, the co-founder of Mojang. I'm going to put in all of the links to all of the youtubers in the book. I also want to say, congratulations to those in the book!

     Time for all of the links to the channels! Beforehand I just want to say that these links are in the book :D .Disco, creator of "Zombie Siege." SethBling, creator of the "Color Map Display." And finally, JL2579, creator of "The Super Stopwatch."

     Now the post has come to an end. This post was really fun to make and I really enjoyed making it! Anyway's I have one final question. If you know when the Combat or Construction handbooks are coming out and you are reading this post, can you comment on this post when it's going to come out? I would really appreciate it. I also want to give credit to Nick Farwell and Stephanie Milton! They made the Minecraft Handbooks and I just want to say that they're really impressive books and I really enjoyed them! Anyway's I guess there's nothing left to do but say goodbye so, Bye!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Divergent Part 7!

Hey Doods,

     I just want to say that I accidentally named part 8 part 7 and deleted the actual part 7 so I'm redoing it! I don't know why I did that. Hm.

     We just left off where Tris's mom left her to go to the dining hall and then it did the +++ thing and that's where we left off. Anyway, Christina and Will were arguing about whether it's good to have a dog or not. Then somehow the aptitude test came up which made Tris a little nervous. Then they started to suspect something. This made her even more worried. Then Tris told them that her result was Abnegation which was partially true. Then they asked her why she left and Tris said, "I told you, it was the food." I found that on pg 196 paragraph 3. Anyways that's where I'm going to stop.

     I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and thank you for reading this! I think I've read this book about eight times now. Yep. Eight. Anyway's Bye doods.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Punishment In Schools.


     I just want to say that you probably won't know anything about this unless you read the article so I'm going to put a link to my article. Here it is. Anyway's here is the post.

   I have recently read a article about banning corporal punishment in schools and I think that the answer to that is clear. I also want to say that corporal punishment is basically physical punishment for those who don't know. I think that corporal should be banned since it doesn't solve the problem. It just stops it temporarily.  Why is this still a thing though? It does not help the situation whatsoever. If the child you always have to hit like's being hit, then he's going to keep on doing what he does which is probably bully the other kids and then he's going to get hit and their going to keep doing it until you give them detention or any other things that make them get out of school. That's how you get them to stop. At least some schools don't allow it though. Why don't the private schools get effected by the bill that is going to stop this. Let's get the private schools in on this! I think that would be nice. I have a question for this part though. Why was the part on the private schools even suggested? Why weren't they in on this to begin with? That's my question. I think that I covered everything that was on my graph so I'm going to put in my graph and then leave.

My Graph.
Big Idea
Your Thinking
Quote(s) To Support Your Thinkin
Why is There Still Spanking?!
I hope that the teachers that spank their kids know that this doesn’t help the situation.
She never used corporal punishment herself — but she knows there are teachers across the state who do. She wants it stopped.
At Least Some Schools Don’t Allow It.
Why is this still a thing! You’re only hurting the kids instead of teaching them that what they did should not happen. Send them to the office if you have to!
“We need to stop hitting our kids,”Keaveny said.
Why Aren’t the Private Schools In This?
I think that the private schools are supposed to be included in this because the bill said “all schools” right? And the private schools are still a school! So they should be in on this. My question is why did they bring this up when they are technically a school?
Gina Walsh voiced concern about including private schools in the bill.

     I hope you all have liked this post! Thanks for coming to the blog and I hope you all had a good morning. Anyways, Bye doods.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Divergent Part 8

Hey Doods,

     I just want to say that I don't think that I can get a three on my science since I can't find my headphones and even if I did they're broken so I couldn't use them. So that's why I'm doing Divergent Part 7! Mrs.V used to tell us to do the forty club and we haven't been doing much of that so I'm doing this instead since I can't work on my science which is currently Mass and Weight. So yeah! I'll be right back. Okay I found the last post. Here's todays post.

     The ranks are up in the dormitory and Tris is trying not to sprint to get there. I don't know why i typed that. Hm. The ranks are:
  1. Edward
  2. Peter
  3. Will
  4. Christina
  5. Molly
  6. Tris
  7. Drew
  8. Al
  9. Myra
     That took forever.

     Peter just made his bed quietly and then Molly said something to Tris and then she stormed out. That was bad. I'm going to leave you guys hanging there.

     Sorry this post was short but it's 2:44 right now and we get out around 3:15 so I have to wrap this up. Anyways, thank you for reading this post. I think that this blog has 26 posts on Divergent counting this one at the moment so I need to wrap this up. Bye Doods.  :D

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mater: Mass and Weight


This is fun!

My Two Paragraph Essay
     Matter is everywhere. Your may not know it unless you passed third grade, but it's there. Everything has mass, except nothing. If nothing is there, then nothing is there and it doesn't take up any mass. Weight and mass are two very different things. Weight is how much gravity is pulling on a object and mass is how much space is with the object. The bigger they are, the harder they fall is not true. The object/person could be hallow or full of helium. 
     There are different tool for weight and mass too. For weight, it's a scale. For mass, it depends on what system you use. English or Metric. The pull of gravity determines the weight of something. On the moon if your 150 pounds on earth then you might be say 10 pounds on the moon. If you have a computer and you took it apart, each piece feels lighter right? Well if you put them back together then its a lot heavier. Plus each piece is smaller but they still take up space. Size, volume, and mass are basically the same thing. volume is how much space is inside of the object. Size is how big the object is. And mass is how much space something takes up. That's what I learned in this project so to speak.

     I apologize since there's no brain pop thing but you can't blame me because MY FREAKING HEADPHONES DON'T WORK AND I COULDN'T FIND THEM! THIS IS POOP D:<

     Anyways, despite my little rage thing there, I hope you all have enjoyed this post and thank you for coming! I don't know what else to say. Bye.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Healthy Lunches


     I've recently read the article Healthy Lunch and it was pretty cool and people are eating ditching their lunches to eat Nyan Cat. I hope that Nyan is okay. Hm, sad.

     The first thing that the article talked about was the Pop-Tarts. The quote for this idea was in the last paragraph and the last sentence. "She then dumped her food and headed off to the school store for a Pop-Tart." I actually had a question for this one and the question was: Why does everyone like Pop-Tarts? Seriously?

Anyway, the second idea in this article was that I think that the football players are being nice to the chefs! Their eating everything on their trays! The quote for this idea is "“Since we’re football players, we eat all of it, bad or good,” Daniel Ofa, a sophomore, said." That was in the second to last paragraph. I like the football players in this school! Their nice people to the chefs!

The third and final main idea in this article is about the fruit and the veggies. The quote on this idea is "... under federal school meal rules, Jackson and other students must take at least three items — including one fruit or vegetable — even if they don’t want them." I think that if the students don't want the fruit or the veggies, then they shouldn't have to take one. That would be a waste of resources. I don't know why they do that though. Strange.

Anyway that is the end of this post. Bye.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


     I bet your confused about why this is up here. Let me explain.

     I had a little bit of trouble with my other welcome post and accidental deleted it, so I'm putting a different one int he top. I'm sorry that it's been a while since I've done a new post but I've just been very busy. Anyway, I'm just going to put the regular stuff that was in my welcome post below.

     Welcome to my blog! My class just uses this blog to schoolwork and stuff like that. I don't have any fancy gadgets on this one since they won't let me but I've found out that the one that has all of your followers is okay. I follow a lot of people so I haven't put all of them on my blog role but I put as much of them as I can but I might update that later. The kinda stuff that I put on this blog is; stuff on books, Key time, etc...  Otherwise I just don't put much on this. Anyway, I hope that you visit this blog often! Bye...

Monday, March 31, 2014


Dear Readers,

     We all read a article about homework. It was fun but then again, we might have extra homework if most of the class thinks that we have not enough homework. I don't want anymore homework than I already have.

      The article was talking about how much time is spent on homework and if it's too much or too little. Right  now I think that we have the right amount of homework. I don't know if anyone would agree with me but I just have a feeling. I don't know why I'm doing this otherwise...

     The article also compared which time period had to have more time spent doing homework. 2012 or 1986. Turns out that the time period that was 26 years ago had more time spent doing homework than two years ago. I have no clue why.

     Anyway, the third main topic I guess was; (this is my board so I don't know if you'll find this on anyone else's) Is now like 1986? No it is not. I think that everybody can keep it that way. I still have no clue if anybody will agree with me but this is just my personal opinion. I highly doubt it though. 

My Graph

Big Ideas
Text to quote in your post
Your own thinking
Too Much or Too Little?
Two common complaints parents have about homework are as far apart as can be: One is that there’s too much homework, and more of it than ever before. The other is that there’s too little.

I think that right now theres about the right amount of homework.
Time Spent Doing Homework.

Only 38.4 percent spent that same amount of time on studying or homework during their last year in high school. Back in 1986, 49.5 percent.
I don’t know what to do in this box for this particular topic.
Is Now Like 1986 Or Not?

The percent of students with more than two hours of homework was almost the same in 2012 as it was in 1984.
I doubt it will ever be like 1986 homework but I’m not arguing about it.

     Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post. I don't know why the teachers did this but it was quick to do so I won't complain. Also I found this game called 2049 and its a really fun game. There's a version where there are minecraft-you-tubers icons! I got 3100. That's my best score. I'm a little bit tired though so I'm going to go ahead and stop writing this. Bye.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Divergent Part 6 Visiting Day

Dear Readers,
     I come bearing news. There are now FIVE DAYS until the Divergent Movie comes out! I can't wait! I'm sooooo excited for it to come out! :)

     So today's visiting day in the book. Everybody's getting ready to go down to the Pit to go see their former families. No one is saying a word. Then, everybody walks down to the pit and Tris is looking around for her family. She sees Peters family, Christina's family, but surprisingly not Molly or Drew's family. Then she sees her mom and starts walking toward her. At first she's confused and then she realizes that its Tris and gives Tris a hug which is very strange among the Abnegation. They talk for a little bit and then Tris's mother, Natalie, meets Four. For some reason he looked familiar to her. Then Tris's mother took her to a hallway where no cameras are. Tris told her that she was Divergent and that she didn't know what it meant. Then Natalie left and Tris went to the dining hall.

     Anyway, I hope you liked the post! :D I can't wait! Waiting is making me tear my eyes out! Anyways, BYE.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Giant Post Award


     I have recently decided to give the Giant Post Award to Peyton and Chris. I gave Chris the Giant Post award because he had over FOUR paragraphs of work in his post! You can see it here. Chris had WAY more work than I'll ever have in my post. I gave Peyton the Giant Post award because he had over two paragraphs and trust me, that's way more than any of my posts. I usually have two. Anyway, you can see his post here. I also like how Peyton left us hanging, so to speak, in his post. I think that that would make a lot of readers that read his blog, read that book.



     Bye Doods.

Inside Divergent; The Initiates World

Hey Doods,
     I've recently finished Inside Divergent; The Initiates World and it basically tells you the characters in the book and the faction symbols and all that stuff. Anyway, I an going to put a link in the comments of where I found this picture! ======================================================> Anyway it tells you character bios and shows the actors. I might see it opening day so watch out for a little ten year old kid in a leather jacket with a Ender's Game rat army patch on his right shoulder. Or a kid in a gray hoodie. I don't know. I might be wearing a powered by redstone shirt but otherwise I have no clue. Anyway this is a pretty good book, I finished it about twenty four hours after I got it so I've pretty much memorized it by now but I haven't. No clue why. Anyways one more thing that it has is "Faction Bios!" It also has whats in the bowls at the choosing ceremony. Dautnless has coals, Erudite has water, Candor has glass, Abnegation has gray stones, and Amity has dirt.

     I hope you liked this post about Inside Divergent; The Initiates World! If you did then go down to your local book store and get this book! Anyways, Bye... Promised Link

Bees Document

Dear Readers,
     I have recently found out that all the bees in the world are dying to Tabasco. If your wondering why I'm saying this, it's because we all might die once the plants die. Anyway I've read this article on bees and here's what I've come up with so far.

Big Ideas
Text to quote in your post
Your own thinking
A Mutating Virus That Is Spreading From Plants To Bees.
It is contributing to the collapse of honeybee colonies vital to the agricultural industry.
I think that this virus might be the downfall of all life itself accept for the underwater animals.
Deadly Cocktail Of Pathogens.
Scientists have attributed that devastation to a deadly cocktail of pathogens as well as pesticides and beekeeping practices that stress the insects immune system.
I think that there should be a experiment of a plant with pesticide on it and one without pesticide and see which one has the virus and which one doesn’t.
A rapidly mutating virus has spread from plants to bees.
If the virus mutates then the immune system that it is fighting will not know how to kill it.

     So Here's My Summary Of The Article.

Summary Of Bees Article

     The first main topic from the article is about a mutating virus that is spreading from plants to bees. If the bees die, the plants die, and when the plants die, animals die and when animals die then we die since we can't eat anything and then we'd be forced to become zombies so that we can not die but then the people who want to not be zombies would kill the zombies and then basically a zombie apocalypse. Teh second and middle main idea was that there are deadly cocktails called pathogen in the bees that is spread to bees making them zombie bees and then pretty much the same thing I just told you in the first main idea. The last main idea is that this will NEVER end. The virus keeps on mutating and if it keeps on mutating, the bees will never be safe from this again. 

     Anyways, I hope you all liked this post! Why are you reading this though when you should be preparing yourself for a zombie apocalypse?! Go get some wepons and get in shape because if you don't, your pretty much dead when the zombies come. "OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!" they will say once their eating somebody. Until next time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Libraries With Computers! Finally!

     I have recently read the article Libraries go from the printed page to the digital screen.
 I think that it's about time that libraries got some high tech stuff like ipads and stuff like that. Anyway read the rest of the post if you want to find out more or just click this link.

Big Ideas
Text to quote in your post
Your own thinking
People Don’t Know How To Use Computers.
Job seekers needed to learn computer skills.
I don’t know what to type.
People Have Ebooks Instead Of Libraries.
“They come and ask me for e-book help. They usually end up with a little bit more,” said Andrea Egbert.
I think that they shouldn’t have ebook since they wouldn’t read ink on paper. I like the ink on paper.
A Lot Of People Use Facebook.
They help people with everything from how to use a computer to Facebook. Visitors wouldn’t have it anyother way.
So many people use Facebook that I think that they are right to have that in their libraries.

   I have recently read the article Libraries Go From The Printed Page To The Digital Screen and there are three main ideas. The first main idea was that, a lot of people don't use computers. Most job seekers needed to learn computer skills to get very good jobs. Most jobs these days -even in the military- have to do with computers. I can rattle off a few more jobs but I want to make this summary short. The next one was, that people use ebooks instead of libraries most of the time these days. Tons of people use technology and I don't know why I just think that my generation is the tech generation. I have no clue why though. I think that a lot of people use ebooks because they can hold multiple books. Basically, if your going on a trip, instead of stuffing five million books in your bag you can just put one little neat thing in there with all your books on them. Whats messed up is that ink and paper are less likely to break by dropping it. The third and last main idea is, that libraries now have Facebook. Apparently MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people use Facebook so now their putting it in libraries. I have no clue why though. Anyway those were the three main ideas of the article Libraries Go From The Printed Page To The Digital Screen.

  I'll just put the links and get it over with. Jacob, Chris, Jaylon, Juan, Saul, Dalahi, and Moises. Bye.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Divergent Part 5 The Fights

Hey Doods,
     This post consists of two things. Movie Update at end, and part 5 of Divergent! And I forgot to add in part three that after they went to lunch, they went to the punching bags so I'll go ahead and start off at the next day. Here it is!

     So the next day they got up around 0800 and went to the training room. There were nine initiates so one of them would have to sit out. Lucky for Tris, she sat out. For some reason they had to beat each other unconscious. Al and Will were confused about this and then Al beat the crap out of Will. Next up was Christina V.S. Molly. After about six minutes Christina gave up and Eric made her hand over the edge of the railing that overlooked the chasm. Christina slipped a few times but otherwise she was okay. That is all for today.

     Anyways, the movie update that I was going to put here is that there is 18 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT! I'm so excited! I can't wait! Anyways I might be going on the 22nd or the 23rd but I don't know when, I just know that I'll be at the Love Land theater in Colorado since this is where I live! Anyway I will give out the next post soon! Bye.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Divergent Part Four! Tris Gets a Makeover...

Hey Doods,
     I have no idea where we left off so I'm going to go check. Okay so we left off where Tris just hit the center of the target. Anyway here's the post! :D

     On the way out of the training room, Al announced that he wanted to get a tattoo. He didn't know what he would get a tattoo of but he just wanted to get one. Christina took Tris to a shop where you could get new clothes and stuff like that. She decided on a dress and they went to see Al get tattooed and when they got there, Al was sitting in a chair, getting a spider drawn on his arm. Tris just skimmed the art on the wall while Will and Christina looked inside a book for tattoos. She found one of a raven and it was just sitting on the picture, looking like it was flying. And then someone said "hello" and it was Tori! Tris then got the tattoo of the raven three times. That's All For Today.

     I hope you all liked this post and if you did, thank you! I am doing this stuff sort of daily and I have been doing a lot of stuff so I might not do one later today but you never know...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Divergent Part Three :D

Hey Doods,
     Never mind, I'm not doing a post every day! HERE YOU GO. :D

     So Eric led Tris and the other transfer initiates into the dormitory (or "dorms") and told them that this is where they will sleep and where the rankings are announced. Christina was confused and she couldn't keep her mouth shut and asked a question and they got in trouble. Next Eric led them to the training room. Eric was going to observe they're training and that made Tris nauseated. Anyway they got to work by shooting a gun. Tris had to shoot at least seven times before she hit the edge of the target. Will (a transfer from Erudite) made a comment and Tris hit the target in the center five minutes later. That is all for today.

     Anyway I hope you all liked this post! :D   I like doing that. Anyway, until next time and down below are all the links. here here here and here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bugs Who Love Bugs

Dear Readers,
     Well, I have bad news and bad news. The bad news is that there won't be any chapter books for a while and the bad news is that we might run out of food if we don't kill stink bugs. Who'd have known! Anyway to the main part of the post below.

     So I have recently read the article, Bugs Who Love Bugs. and it was sort of interesting. The three main ideas were; how stink bugs eat, how they survive in the winter, and who are their predators. Stink bugs eat by digging their teeth into apples, oranges, bananas, etc... I think that I think that it would be very hard to find out if a stink bug drank all of the sugar out on the fruit or not since all they leave is little bumps.

     Stink bugs survive in the winter by just carving out trees and that it would not be that hard to survive in a tree if you knew how. Their predators, and this is from the article, are anything that likes to eat bugs. I think that they should put tons of wasps in the trees and have them eat the eggs. Anyway I think that if we don't find a solution to this soon, we won't have any fruit to eat. Here's the article itself.

    I hope you all liked this post and if you did then, thank you! also here is everybody that is in my group! Chris, Jacob, Moises, Saul, Dalahi, Jaylon, Joey, and Juan. Anyway, bye.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day...

Hey Doods,
     I just want to say that I might be ocupied during the weekend since I have to read this book called The Black Pearl. Don't get me wrong because it sounds like a good book, you know. I think that this book will not be as good as Divergent but I have no idea. We'll just have to wait and see. Anyway, you got the goods? Candy I mean. You got the stuff ? I hope so or else it's going to be embarrassing for you're wife or girl-friend. Seriously. Stop reading this and go get her some flowers or a big box of chocolate or something that she'l like. Get out of your chair and go, now if there's a person out there for you. You know that typing this is making me cry. Anyway if you are still reading this then get out of your chair and go, if your in love with someone then go get her something nice NOW so that she can feel happy. Anyway I have to stop writing since this is making me cry. Bye.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Divergent Part Two!

Hey Doods!
     I'm doing a part every day! Let's get back to the post!

     So Beatrice-Tris- and the other Initiates went to the cafeteria and once they got in, everybody started pumping their fist and cheering. Tris went to a table that she shared with Christina. And Tris sat between Four and Christina. Tris got a hamburger and didn't know what it was. She described it as "meat wedged between two pieces of bread." Four passed her some ketchup and they were wondering why she wasn't eating it. Anyway a Dauntless leader came into the mess hall (that's what I call the cafeteria) and started heading towards Tris's table. His mouth was pierced in too many places, and sat down next to Four. Four introduced him as and he left. Tris was really tense until Eric left. That is all I'm going to share with you today.

     For more details on that part, READ THE BOOK. You can order it from Veronica Roth's Blog and I am going to put a link here.

What Makes Me Happiest Prompt Writing

Hey Doods,

     Today is a prompt day! They said that I had to write about what makes me happiest. I know exactly what makes me happy so I'll leave you guys to read this! Peace Until The Bottom Of The Post.

What Makes Me Happiest

     What makes me happy,  is...Playing Video Games At My Dad's House! If I am playing Video Games with my friends on XBOX LIVE I'm having fun and when I'm having fun, I'm happiest. If I'm at my dad's house then I am having fun. If I'm having fun, then I'm happy. That's What Makes Me Happiest.

     If you liked this post then thank you for reading it I guess. I guess that I will do some stuff like this on my other blogs too I guess but I don't think that I am going to. Anyway I was wondering if you could type some prompts in the comments and the one that get's the most votes I will do! I'm a little new to this so I don't know what to do anymore. Bye Doods.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Excretory System :D

My Learning Reflection

      I have not learned a lot from this. I never knew what a kidney looked like. Other than that not that much I have learned from this. I think that we should do the thing on magnets soon. I think that the other stuff is boring and I don't think I would want to know this stuff. I think that this is a waste of time and I'd rather learn about magnets.
Essential Questions:
  • How does the excretory system help the body?
    The Excretory System helps the body by getting rid of waste that can make you explode.
  • Which organs are part of the excretory system?
Lungs,Kidneys,Urethra,Bladder,Ureter,and the Vena Cava


Divergent Part One :D

Hey Doods! :D
     I read Divergent again and you guys are probably wondering why am I doing this, because I read it already. Well there were some things that I left out. So yeah! Here it is! (You can look here for another one soon and faction stuff too!) Divergent Movie Trailer!!!

     So Beatrice Prior, a sixteen year old girl, is in a world divided into five factions. There's an aptitude test to see what faction you fit in. Beatrice can fit into THREE factions. Dauntless, Erudite, and Abnegation. (If you want to know what the factions are, then click this link.) At the choosing ceremony, Beatrice chose... Dauntless! The Dauntless-initiates and members alike- ran down the stairs and jumped onto a moving train. Then Beatrice and the other initiates jumped onto a roof! Someone died. Then they had to jump off of the roof into a hole. Beatrice was the first to jump and that was the end of the book. JUST KIDDING! So Beatrice flew down like a bird into the hole and there was a net at the bottom. A guy named Four helped her off of the net and Beatrice re-named herself Tris. That is Part one that I will post.

     I hope that you liked this post and if you did then thank you! Here is the author's (Veronica Roth) blog! Hope you all enjoyed this post, and here is something else that has Divergent! Bye Doods!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Guys Read; Follower Or Leader?

Hey Doods,
     Here's today's question.

     Please tell us about a time when you chose to be a follower and why that might not have been a great choice.

I don't know how to answer this question since I don't follow that much. I don't lead either. I just stay out of everybody's way. I don't remember a time that I followed when it was not a good idea. I HAVE NO CLUE.

     So I guess that I should rap this post up then if I'm done!
     I hope you all liked this post and if you did then thank you! Also go check out EVERYBODY'S blogs and when I mean everybody, I mean everybody. These People! Chris, Jaylon, Joey, Saul, Jacob, and Juan. And I'm guessing that you're confused since Jacob's Blog is not accessible so why put it in there? Well, Jacobs blog is now open for comments! So with that said goodbye doods.


Hey Doods,
     In this post I just wanted to say, CLICK THE LINK. I will tell you some stuff after you've clicked the link. THE MYSTERIOUS LINK

Come down here after you've clicked the link.

Elevator Music! dududu

Jacobs blog is now accessible and I will leave you to check out his blog and go comment there, I'm pretty sure that Jacob would appreciate that very much! Peace Doods!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Guys Read; NIPPLES

Hey Doods,
     I have read "What? You Think You Got It Rough?" And the question was... What are some things the narrator does differently because he is a writer? How well do you think this will work for him? Will he be a great writer? why or why not?
I think that the narrator does some things different since he's a writer since he has an up front view instead of, let's say a helicopter view. He does these things different since he cannot see every thing that is happening at the moment and he can go into small places and stuff.
  Anyway I hope that you guys liked this post and also the Allegiant quiz is up on this blog and I think that you should go check it out! I will leave the grade of the quiz in the comment section of that post. Peace Out Doods!